white nettle, grass green tea production tsvetkamiV main task is to keep the useful biologically active substances in the fresh leaves. So, after their little dried in the open air and collect less drying, green tea is closer to that of a white man. When the leaves are soft, dry them with a closed or an open flame hot air in the oven. This prevents oxidation of the leaves (i.e., fermentation). be run after the second drying. Depending on the method of torque to identify the different types of green norxs neurontin buy tea. The pharmacological properties infusion leaves and inflorescence hops for the treatment and prevention of malignant tumors, skin diseases, acts as snotvornoe.Nastoyka prepared as follows: 50 g of crushed flowers pour 200 ml of alcohol for 6-7 days. Take 30 drops 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals. A 10 ml Wash dyes dissolved in 90 ml of water and enemas and showers - 10 ml to 250 ml or tea infusions vody.Nogotki dosing kalendulaCherny contrast, green or oolong tea, the production process is subjected to completion of the











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